Happy is Healthy!

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy animals and keep meat affordable. We love watching our animals run and play in the grass and sunshine.  Their happiness is very important to us, for their own pleasure, and also for us.

We wish to contribute to a stronger more vibrant planet. Among our many reasons to choose ethical meat, we wish to minimize bioaccumulation of toxins, both in our bodies and in the environment.

Lee is an ecologist by trade and is all too familiar with the increased levels of toxins found in upper levels of the food chain. Conventionally raised pork is raised on a diet of corn and soy, both usually genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides.

Here at Quantum Joy Acres, our hogs are raised on a diet of grass, organic sorghum and organic wheat. They are healthy and they taste delicious!!

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What our customers are saying

Compassionately raised meat animals! 

What our customers are saying

I couldn't be more pleased with the experience of buying a whole pig!  It's tender, it's flavorful, and I look forward to each bite...LITERALLY!

2017 customer

Quantum Joy Acres

Our schedule for farmer's markets in the Denver area will be available later in the year.

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